Before bringing a new pet at home, take him to the vet. He will evaluate his health and will advise you on vaccinations care and will give you important tips.


He needs all your love and respect.
Your pet needs to be in a safe place where he can not hurt itself. Do not forget to let fresh and clean water.
If you already has a pet and you want to have another, do not forget that you must be the slopes of both because the pet with more hierarchy (which already has) could be feel a little suspicious because of the things he has. This could bring some problems and fight. You must to have the control of balance the ways to punish. Some suggestions are that the stimulus that your pet can receive, must to be mutual; play with both, and the most important thing is give all your love for both and they will reflect the same tenderness, education and welfare.

It depends on the characteristics of the species or breed. Also depends of the characteristics physical such as the size of the dog or the length of their hair and others are related to the characteristics of activity they need. Some require prolonged and frequent exercise while for others it is not essential.

Pets can become man's best friend and meet needs as a companionships, love and security. The care and attention that a pet demands make a person feel useful. They are a constant source of motivation for their own and increase your self-esteem.
Children learn positive values ​​such as respect for animals, life, friendship and love, creating a sense of responsibility and promote communication between parents and children.

Yes, approximately 80% of the dog body mass is water. It is advisable to change the water 1 or 2 times a day to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

No. Raw meat carries many risks because they may be contaminated with germs that are even harmful for humans. Furthermore, the meat does not have all the nutrients that our pets need. For nutrition, convenience and economy, the processed food is best option instead of the meat. On the other hand, thinks that raw bones are good to support his diet or dental cleaning, however, it are a dangerous because it can cause intestinal obstruction, suffocation and injuries in their mouth and teeth.

Some dogs are predisposed to bark by their instincts of the breed, but after some barking, you should teach him to stop barking. The best way is to keep a leash tied to his collar and after let him barks several times, says “enough” or “stay” and stretches their belt to attract the attention. When he stops barking, say "very good" and pamper or give him with a "snack" for dogs.

The ideal time is from the eighth week of age. The puppy should be weaned, because the nutrients in breast milk are important for his health.